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How to withdraw Bitcoin to Privat24, Monobank?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency to date. It is used to pay for goods and services, serves as a means of accumulating capital, and used by many people as an investment and trading tool. The cost of the BTC changes literally every few hours, so many people buy and sell Bitcoins during the day, earning on the difference in exchange rate. If you need to buy Bitcoin or sell it, having received money for Privat24 and Monobank, you can do this in our exchanger - fast, reliable and comfortable.

Cryptoexmoney is a very simple exchanger that works in manual mode - this means that every transaction is checked by operator. Therefore, you are protected from errors and crashes.

How is Bitcoin exchanged for Privat24 and Monobank?

In our exchanger, withdrawal to a card in Ukraine or receipt of cash in Kharkov is available. Below we will look at how to sell bitcoins and get money through privat24 and Monobank that is the most popular Internet banking in Ukraine.

To get started, go to the home page of the exchange on our website. You need to choose the direction of the exchange - you buy cryptocurrency from us or purchase - you give us your cryptocurrency. In the first case, you need to specify the currency that you give and the amount; on the second side the amount you receive displays. In this case, you give the BTC and get UAH. Indicate the amount in Bitcoin, and see how much you can get in UAH:

Bitcoin withdraw to private24 and monobank

Check that the point is on Privat24 or Monobank if you want to receive money on a card, not cash. Click on the "Exchange" button.

Next, the "Application for exchange" window will appear, where you will need to enter personal data in order to make a withdrawal to private24 or Monobank.

What is needed to withdraw bitcoins to private and monobank

You need to fill in all the fields - indicate the city where you want to receive, your name, email address, phone number in international format or telegram ID. When you fill in all the fields, click "Send".

After completing the application, we receive the data and contact you, clarifying all the details through the Telegram / WhatsApp messengers.

Manual exchange of cryptocurrencies in Kharkov

Please note that the exchange is carried out by our operators, who work from Monday to Friday from 10-00 to 18-00, at weekends - by agreement. If you fill in the application at night, we will process it the next day.

After completing the application, we receive the data and contact you, clarifying all the details through the Telegram / WhatsApp messengers. If you confirm that you intend to carry out an exchange of BTC for privat24 or monobank, the operator will send you the number of the BTC-wallet, where you need to transfer money for the exchange.

Note that operations in the Bitcoin system are carried out with a commission - its amount changes dynamically, and you can see its amount directly during transaction’s execution, so before exchanging bitcoin for private24 or monobank, you should make sure that you have a little more on your account than you indicated in the application.

After you transferred money to our wallet, you inform the operator about it. When he sees the money on our BTC-wallet, he will send the hryvnia to your Privatbank or Monobank card, and the exchange will be considered completed.

We hope that our Cryptoexmoney exchanger will not cause you any difficulties in use, but in any case, our support team is always ready to help and answer your questions!