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Step-by-step instruction: how to buy bitcoin in a few clicks

Long ago Bitcoin stopped being a narrow-minded toy for programmers. Today it is used everywhere, BTC is used as means of accumulation, it is used for paying in stores, send money abroad in bitcoins, pay for a variety of services. Of course, in order to get all the benefits of using cryptocurrency, you must purchase it first. The purchase does not take much time and is very simple, but beginners may have questions at different stages.

Today we will look at how you can buy cryptocurrency in a few clicks on .

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Choosing and creating a bitcoin-wallet

Before buying Bitcoin, you need a wallet where you will store it. Today there is a huge number of different services, applications, and even physical drives where you can store digital money. Consider what wallets can be.

  • Cold and hot. A hot wallet has permanent access to the Internet. Such wallets are usually open on exchanges and online services, literally for a few clicks. Cold wallets are tied only to your computer and do not connect directly to the Internet. This storage method is usually chosen by those who keep large amounts of money and worry about security.
  • Light and heavy. A light wallet does not download the entire blockchain to the device, it works very quickly and does not take up much memory on the gadget. A heavy, or a thick wallet downloads all the blocks of the chain, that takes a lot of time and memory. On the other hand, they are more reliable and secure.
  • On PC and on mobile gadgets. The developers offer a huge number of applications on desktop computers and mobile phones, tablets. You just have to choose the most suitable Bitcoin-wallet.

Beginners and those who do not store large amounts of money usually choose lightweight mobile or PC wallets - they manage funds in a few clicks. Install the application you like and create a new address - this is a combination of letters and numbers that is automatically generated. To rewrite these letters and numbers one by one is not necessary - in the application there is certainly a button "Copy Address".

CryptoExMoney - fast and reliable bitcoin exchange

Now we go to the CryptoExMoney BTC exchanger, where you can buy Bitcoin directly on the site. You select the "Sale" item, select the currency (for example, USD) in the "Give" field and enter the amount you want to exchange, and in the "Receive" field below, select the cryptocurrency (for example, BTC) in which you want to get the amount and the amount you will receive is displayed. Log in to the btc-exchanger system or register, and in the next window indicate the number of your bitcoin wallet. Next, the “Application for exchange” window will appear, where you will need to enter personal data.

What you need to buy cryptocurrency

You need to fill in all the fields - indicate the city, your name, email address, phone number in international format or telegram ID. When you fill in all the fields, click "Send".

After completing the application, we receive the data and contact you, clarifying all the details through the Telegram / WhatsApp messengers.


Thus, Bitcoin can be bought on the CryptoExMoney website in just a few clicks.

Buy Bitcoin in Ukraine on the website

Buy Bitcoin in Ukraine: risks and taxes

To date, bitcoin is still unregulated in Ukraine. NBU does not admit the BTC as a currency or means of payment. Bills that were filed in the Verkhovna Rada, was considered imperfect there. Cyberpolice believe that bitcoin may threaten the security of the state and ask to form a legislative base, but so far all this remains a big question.

Meanwhile, from September, it is planned to consider a bill on taxation of cryptocurrencies - they want to levy a tax only when withdrawing into fiat money and when purchase of services or goods for crypto. The tax will be 5% of the difference between the sale price of the coin and the documented purchase price. Individuals are also planning to be obliged to pay a military fee of 1.5%. Even if this law is adopted, it will become a temporary measure.

A bit about the exchange rate

Everyone who starts a bitcoin wallet with a withdrawal to the card is concerned about the rate, because it can vary greatly even during the day. It is impossible to predict something here since there are constant market fluctuations, depending on hundreds of factors. One thing is for sure: cryptocurrencies tightly entered our life, and it is unlikely that their rate will ever fall so much that people stop using them. We at CryptoExMoney use a weighted average rate from several large exchanges, so when working with us, you can be sure of a profitable cryptocurrency purchase.