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Rules for the exchange and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies on CryptoExMoney

The site of the exchange office provides an opportunity for users to sell or buy cryptocurrency *.


  • Sell / buy cryptocurrency for cash (USD, UAH, EUR) in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa - read the detailed descriptionbelow;

  • Pay / get on Privatbank card using Privat24 - automatically throughout Ukraine.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal

Withdraw money from a crypto wallet in cash (USD, UAH, EUR) on our website is possible in 2 stages:

  1. Create an application on the site.

  2. Make an appointment to receive cash.

How to create an application?

  • Fill out one of the amount fields, depending on whether you want to sell a certain amount of cryptocurrency or get a specific amount of cash (USD, UAH, EUR).

  • The automatic calculator will calculate the amounts for the formation of an application based on the current rate on the website.

  • Click the "Exchange" button.

  • In the website page that opens, fill in the personal data fields: name, email address, city and phone number or Telegram ID.

  • Click the Send button again.


What to do after?

  • Our manager will contact you via Telegram or Whats App messengers on a fixed phone number.

  • You can transfer cryptocurrency remotely or directly in our office, our manager will provide the wallet address where funds must be transferred.

  • When withdrawing cryptocurrencies, do not forget to put a sufficient commission so that the transfer reaches us accurately.

  • A transaction is considered successful after receiving the first confirmation on the network.

  • The final fixation of the cryptocurrency sale rate is calculated on the 1st confirmation.

  • After the cryptocurrency transfer operation has taken place, a meeting is set up for the transfer of cash if you sent remotely.


* The minimum transaction amount must be equal to or more than 50 US dollars equivalent.