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How to sell bitcoin through the CryptoExMoney cryptocurrency exchanger

Cryptocurrency cash exchanger CryptoExMoney

Selling bitcoin is perhaps one of the most profitable industries for con men. Since cryptocurrencies provide a high level of anonymity, it is very difficult to track the transaction. This is used by attackers who offer to sell bitcoin in Ukraine at a favorable rate, but after confirming the operation the client will not see his money. This is the main risk that all crypto-investors face without exception.

That's why the sale should be carried out only through trusted Bitcoin exchangers with a good reputation. One of these is CryptoExMoney cryptocurrency exchanger . On this site crypto-investors can sell or purchase the main world cryptocurrency. Moreover, the exchanger offers a fairly wide range of options how to do this.

How can I sell bitcoins

There are several options for selling cryptocurrency. And everyone should be approached with caution, because many people want to take possession of your money illegally. There are three main ways to exchange in Ukraine, in particular:

  1. sell bitcoin for cash;
  2. withdrawal to a bank card;
  3. money transfer through Privat24;
  4. money transfer to Monobank;

Please note that if you want to cash out cryptocurrency, you can exchange bitcoins for dollars, euros, hryvnias and other popular fiat currencies. You can clarify the list with the technical support of the exchanger.

Advantages of the CryptoExMoney cryptocurrency exchanger

Sell bitcoin in Ukraine on

CryptoExMoney is an exchanger with which the client can withdraw Bitcoin by any means. On the site you will find several options for converting cryptocurrency into fiat money and you can use the most convenient of them. In addition, CryptoExMoney is:

  • promptly. Selling bitcoins on the site is just a few clicks;
  • reliable. CryptoExMoney is an impeccable reputation and guaranteed conversion of any amount;
  • profitable. With the help of the exchanger you can cash out cryptocurrency or order a money transfer with a reasonable commission.

Due to these advantages CryptoExMoney is chosen by crypto-investors of Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine.

Collection of personal data

During the exchange, you will have to provide some personal data. In particular, CryptoExMoney will ask you:

  • name;
  • phone number or telegram ID;
  • email address;

Also at the last stage of the transaction, you will need to indicate the address of the BTC wallet from which the cryptocurrency will be charged off.

The personal data are necessary for the exchanger in order to prevent errors in the money transfer. Therefore, additional safety measures are used, which will allow you to confirm that your card is really yours and not someone else's. Due to this, CryptoExMoney managed to become one of the most reliable exchangers in Ukraine. Your money for cryptocurrency will be sent exactly to your account in Privat24, Monobank or to your card, and the fact of transfer you confirm to our manager in telegram or whatsapp.

Bitcoin tax side

Cryptocurrency tax law

In fact, the legislation of Ukraine obliges crypto-investors to pay taxes. Transactions for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered the operations, the main purpose of which is to make a profit. According to this, if you received income from a cryptocurrency transaction, you must pay the appropriate tax. However, the fact of buying cryptocurrencies does not imply taxation, since the crypto-investor does not make a profit. But, in reality, cryptocurrencies are declared very rarely, but when transferring large amounts through a card, you face the risk of having to explain to the bank and the tax authorities where you got such money.